Private Guitar Lessons

Private guitar students of all levels are welcome. Beginners will learn the names and numbers of the strings, how to hold the pick, tuning the guitar, basic chords and strums and much more! The text features songs from a variety of musical styles and comes with cd's so the student can practice along at home.  Student will need his/her own guitar.  It will benefit the younger student to start with a 1/2-size or 3/4-size guitar.

Advanced students will have custom lessons based on interest. Anything from the blues 12-bar form, rhythm, tone, leads, techniques, picking, riffs, strumming patterns, advanced rhythm studies, open/power/barre chords, basic soloing, amp and effects selection, leads, and advanced techniques like arpeggios as licks. No book necessary for advanced students.

Text for beginners:

Hal Leonard Complete Guitar Method with CDs (24.95) For students 10 yrs old and up

OR Hal Leonard Guitar Method: Guitar for Kids with CD (12.99) For students 6-9 yrs old


$40 per hour lesson and $30 per 30-minute lesson in The Colony or at Dallas Baptist University

Private Violin and Viola Lessons

Violin and Viola private lessons are for all levels (6 yrs old and up) of violin/viola players. Private lessons will emphasize rhythm, ear training, and reading music. Students will need his/her own violin or viola. Text -Strictly Strings Book 1 for violin or viola ($6.95) and Suzuki Violin or Viola School: Vol. 1 any edition ($7.95). If the student is beyond the Strickly Strings Book 1, Colton will evaluate the student and make a book suggestion.


$40 per hour lesson, $30 per 30-minute lesson

Private Song Writing Lessons

 In these private lessons, learn the fundamentals of songwriting. Topics like chord progressions, song structure, melody writing, lyric writing, rhyme schemes, and phrasing are taught in a supportive and inspirational environment.


$40 per hour lesson and $30 per 30-minute lesson in The Colony or Dallas Baptist University

Private Drum Kit Lessons

Drum students will learn the basics of drum kit rhythms. Beginners welcome (8 yrs old and up)! Intermediate students will learn advanced rock, blues and jazz rhythms, as well as, the basics of playing with other musicians. Book is not required.


$40 per hour lesson or $30 per 30-minute in The Colony, $50 per hour lesson in-home in the Dallas area


Private Piano Lessons

Private Piano lesson students will learn basic piano theory, note reading and rhythms, as well as, correct hand and body posture. The  Alfred’s Basic Piano Library books are used. The instructor will evaluate the student during the first lesson and place the student in a book series, usually including lesson, theory, techique and ear training books. Recommended starting age is 6 yrs old and able to read (words). 


$40 per hour lesson or $30 per 30-minute lesson in The Colony



Private Worship Piano/Keyboard Lessons

Worship piano and keyboard students need at least experience in intermediate piano theory, note reading and rhythms. A knowledge of major and minor chords and scales is extremely helpful. Students will learn how to read chord charts, how to accompany vocalists and strings, as well as, how to play with a band. Book is not required; chord chart sheets will be provided.


$40 per hour lesson or $30 per 30-minute lesson in The Colony