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I have had Dawson as my guitar and voice teacher for several years. I have advanced in my singing so much and my guitar playing is so much better. It was hard for me to sing and play the different rhythms, but Dawson taught me using really fun techniques. Now, I can sing and play just about anything. I highly recommend.

- Guitar student

I have collaborated with Dawson and Colton in songwriting and their skills are amazing. They both have great suggestions in making my songs better, the lyrics, melody, and song structure.

Dawson is a good teacher because he's really patient. I like the one-on-one lessons because it's helping me learn faster. He makes difficult things look easy and uncomplicated for beginners.

- Nathan, Guitar student

I really like going to drum lessons. Nathan is a fun teacher and I have learned alot. He helps with with the kind of songs I want to learn. It makes it easier to practice. 


Thanks Nathan for teaching me. 


- Eli, Drum Student

Dawson is a fun teacher. He is always happy, and he is nice when I mess up. I like going to  piano lessons. I feel like I am learning so much.


 - George, piano student

During the lessons I've watched, Dawson is indeed patient and professional, yet  very fun and friendly, during the lesson. He is able to, in an encouraging manner, discuss with my daughter the things she needs to practice, and gives positive feedback about the areas where she is showing improvement.

I would recommend Dawson!

- Mom of guitar student

I could not be happier with the lessons my 6-yr-old daughter is taking from Colton. He gives her great encouragement, which makes her love going to her violin lessons. He advances her at a pace she is comfortable with, and he's very respectful to both of us. I'm so grateful he was referred to us!


- Melissa, Mom of violin student

I have been so pleased with Nathan's teaching skills and his patience with my son. He is a wonderful teacher and my son's guitar playing  has improved so much over the past two years. Thanks Nathan!


 - Mom of guitar student

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