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Songwriting Workshop

Want to write better songs? 
Take your artistry to a new level

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     Intended for songwriters of any and all stages, and whether you are curious, just starting out, or have been writing for a while, there is a place for you. Workshop participants will explore the ins and outs of songwriting, develop new relationships, have time for questions and encouragements

     If you’ve ever thought: How do I write compelling lyrics that aren’t generic? How do I write when I’m not inspired? How do I find catchier melodies? Or how do I record great sounding demos? We’ll discuss all of those questions and so much more!


      Welcoming creativity, community, insight, and inspiration, this workshop will consist of interactive presentations and personal exploration that you won’t want to miss. Participants will come away with a finished song they can be proud of. There will also be an optional song-share!

Dallas, Texas 
Price: $n/a 
Payment Required to Reserve Seat 
Limited Space 


  • The Core of Songwriting

  • Finding Your Voice

  • Lyric & Rhyme

  • Melodic, Harmonic, and Song Structure

  • Tips and Tricks



  • Song Share

  • Encouragement 

  • The Recording Process 

  • Revisions 

  • Music Industry

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